So, we’ve survived the first 50 days of January. We all know it’s been tough, very tough. Some of us have used all our savings to save our lives. We’ve had people borrow money from friends and family that they don’t plan to pay back because ‘What are friends for?’

Now it would be absurd for you to begin the next month with the same energy – especially if you’re already in the reds. I get it, it’s a whole struggle living the life of a salary earner, but we learn from our mistakes so as not to repeat them.

Don’t play yourself.

You think you don’t need help? Okay…answer these questions: What mistakes did I make in January? What people did I spend my money on in January? How many times did I ignore the urge to save in January? How many people sent me money in January? How many bottles of carbonated drinks did I buy in January? How many times did laziness make me order shawarma when I could’ve cooked? Why does it feel like I plan to repeat all these mistakes again?

You know, the thing about mistakes is that if you keep making them, it’s proof that you never learned. Make a note of all your financial mistakes in January and decide to quit making them. And no, I don’t mean ‘Mental Note’. Take a pen and paper and write everything down. Yes, I know it’s one of the most annoying things to do in 2023. But it makes all the difference. (Read about the power of writing things down here.)

I know nobody’s going to remind you, so I’ll just help you out. VALENTINE is coming, if you don’t have money for Valentine Funds…be aware that breakup season ends this week. Let them have at least two weeks to find another person. Be nice.

Here are some tips to help you find out the best way to rock your February. We already mentioned this get a pen and paper and WRITE down your goals for the month.

  1. Plan to save
  2. Plan all your investments
  3. Prepared to say no
  4. Prepare to block numbers
  5. Prepare to be an introvert
  6. Prepare to cook all your meals
  7. Prepare for March.

My dear, we know it’s never easy. Every month comes with its own challenges. And because we are beings of nature, we tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly. But all it takes is 21 days and an accountability partner to change your whole life around. So, see you in February, and remember “always stay stingy”.