You see everyone has dreams. Visions of your future self that God has put inside of you. How you see yourself, the kind of career you want, the kind of car you want the kind of places you want to travel to the kind of house you want to live in, the kind of family you want, the kind of business you want.

Looking now at all the people you grew up with having different lives as adults from the dreams you had as kids back then, what happened to those dreams, why didn’t you fight to achieve them and then they’ll be like life happens.

Yeah true life happens but why would you let life determine what happens to you though?

Life happens to everyone but the ability to keep fighting is what matters. A lot of people had dreams of becoming so many great things when they grow up. I know a lot of kids back then that said they wanted to be footballers, actors, pilots, doctors, musicians, you name it! So many great things, more than you could possibly think of. But when the reality of life hits them, they shake and fall off. They couldn’t get up and fight through life and that’s sad really.

We all know life’s tough, but you just have to keep going, you have to keep pushing yourself, and be determined to achieve those dreams .

What Happens when you’ve made plans to achieve those dreams and life hits you?

What you should know is that life will always happen, and it is always ready to whoop your ass and punch you in the face. You’ll get rejected, get Nos, laughed at, feel sad and depressed. But you just have to be determined to chase down those dreams and keep going even when it feels impossible and unrealistic.

You hear people say life is the best teacher and that’s true, life is always there to teach you so many experiences in a hard way. Life isn’t always your friend, life is savage, life is real and challenging. When you said out those dreams and visualized them that they could happen, life heard you and saw you. So what it did was to test if you’re strong enough to achieve those dreams. That’s when you see different tough challenges come your way. Life will hit you so hard over and over again so be ready to fall and fail because all that is a test to see how strong you are. Just always know when to get up and keep going and keep chasing those dreams, because when you finally achieve those dreams and you look at where you’re coming from you’ll be so proud of yourself that you never gave up.

Dreams do not die.

Just like a quote from the movie ‘The sandman’, the raven said to the sandman “dreams never die.”

Yes dreams don’t die, you can only forget about them, but trust me they have a way of fighting you inside to come out to reality; they will keep eating you up inside till you let them out.  A lot of people forgot about their dreams and settled for less, and you see them not being happy, looking miserable.

So when you have dreams to be someone or do something, if you settle for less and forget about them, they will keep fighting you inside, until you finally decide to bring them to life. You can put a dream to sleep but it will always wake up to torment you forever. Trust me, I know!

That’s why you see a lot of people who are miserable in the world today, because they Listened to those thoughts and forgot about their dreams. They told dream killers about their dreams and then they shot it down.

Like when you tell someone you want to be a footballer and the dream killers looks at you and say stop it, you know that’s not possible so please go sit over there and do something serious with your life. You don’t tell your dreams to everyone because it’s not theirs and they won’t understand. They don’t see it coming to pass so they will kill it.

Keys to achieving your dreams.

Visualization: When you have those dreams, you have to always visualize your future self of how you will look, how your life will be like in the next 5years. So you have to use your imagination to create the life you want. Imaginations are life’s attraction of what your future would look like! So get lost in your imaginations, just like kids do, they enjoy themselves even when it looks so unreal. First of you have to create a vision board for yourself that you look at everyday and be like “Damn, I have to work hard to achieve all these.


This is the very first factor to help you achieve your dreams after visualization. You have to first believe that they are possible even when in reality it doesn’t look it. Lots of great people you see in the world today all had dreams, but what made them achieve theirs was believing. Just like Jeff Bezos story where he told a man that he was going to sell books online and become the richest man in the world, the man he told didn’t believe it because he saw the reality of how one would make billions from selling books online from a small garage. He didn’t believe it because it was not his dream to understand it, but Jeff on the other hand who had the dream, visualized the dream and believed that it was possible and today he is one of the richest people in the world.


The next factor is determination. What is determination? Determination is that fire, that zeal inside of you that pushes you to keep going hard even when it doesn’t look good or achievable. Determination will help you fight hard to make sure that those dreams come to life.


Now you have visualized yourself, created a vision board, you see it every day that it’s possible, and you believe it is possible. Now its time to set those goals to help you achieve all you put on the vision board. Start with daily goals, then weekly goals and then monthly goals of everything you need to do in order to achieve those goals. Yes, it is that easy.

Hard work:

This is the part that everyone tries to avoid; the hard work! The truth is, after all the visualization, believing, determination, if you just sit there and not put yourself to work, you won’t achieve anything. You have to put in the effort to work hard all day and all night to see the result you want and help you to achieve your dreams. When you work hard you retire on time and enjoy living your dream life sipping margaritas in some island.