The short answer is “We are Simpletins, and we do things in a simple way”. But you don’t click on an article because you want short answers.  

We won’t bore you with the details because we have a page that highlights our services in detail. But in a nutshell, here’s what we’re all about. 

We are a company that was founded on one goal and one goal only: To simplify. That’s right, Simpletin comes from the word “Simple.” We believe life should be simple. The world is complex enough. There are also many concepts in business and personal life that are unnecessarily complicated, don’t you agree? 

So, we started a tech-driven company to help people and businesses: 

  • Simplify your complex processes.
  • Organize your personal life.
  • Analyse and modify your business system.  
  • Offer coaching and mentoring services. 
  • Design new tech solutions for your business 

Here’s a picture. Think of us as your business and personal therapist. We care about you and your growth, and we will do everything we can to understand you and make sure you’re satisfied with our services. We declutter your mind and help you answer all the questions that bother you about both your business and personal life.  
Nothing gives us a sense of fulfilment than seeing you thrive. And here’s how we plan to serve you.  


Digital Marketing 

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Do you have a product or service you want to promote online? There are possibly too many options on and off the internet for you to decide. And with every choice having their own pros and cons, it’s definitely not a financial decision you want to take without guidance.  

We help you make those decisions by properly analysing your business and core goals. We offer specific tools and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Because from experience, we know that business decisions are not one-size-fits-all – especially not your next marketing strategy.  

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Business Consulting 

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Every successful building project starts and ends with a building contractor. These technicians are so important because they determine the future of the project by considering the available resources, cost of production and maintenance, durability of the services, the amount of cement that goes in the foundations and the general architectural design that the world gets to see. 

If you’re trying to build a business, then you should contact our team of business experts. Armed with years of experience and a diligent work ethic that prioritizes your success, your projects are in good hands. We will be with you in every step. 

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IT Services 

Let’s face it. Tech is changing the world and business as we know it. No one sends hand written mails that take days to arrive, anymore. No one keeps an address book for clients and customers anymore. That’s easy to relate to. But did you know you could manage up to 50 building projects simultaneously without breaking a sweat – all on your mobile device? 

It’s a whole new world in IT. And with our team, you can discover the most amazing tools and tech solutions available for your daily tasks. Watch your company transform into a thriving tech-driven business. Contact us today.

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Management Services 

Planning an event? Need an expert driving your new app development project? Starting up an AGILE company? We’re here to help you crush your management goals and keep them as simple as they need to be. New projects can be hectic as you project forward. With help from our experts, however, you will have all the tools, wealth of experience and strategy to advance your personal and business projects.  

We also offer coaching services for personal goal setting, academic decisions, and everything that can help your personal life be as excellent as you deserve.

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We know you can already hear the passion in our voice. We’re excited and we can’t wait to meet your business. We know that great people make great businesses. Our goal is to simplify your business and personal life so you can be the best version of yourself for your family, your friends, your business, and everyone around you. 

So, yes. We mind our business. Send us a message today and become our priority.

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