Have you ever thought about what being a dream boss would be like?

There are so many definitions of who a boss is but let’s go with this one definition here.

“He/she is someone who serves in a supervisory role and defines priorities and responsibilities in a company or organisation.”

They’re in-charge of an organisation or group of workers. This person can also be called a leader.

And who’s a leader? A leader is someone who inspires, motivates, and serves the people. He/she has the vision, knows the path, and leads the way.  A true leader leads by example, builds excellent relationships with his team and ensures everyone reaches their full potential in the process of achieving the collective goal.

Qualities of a good leader

  • Charisma
  • Influential
  • Visionary
  • Servant
  • Inspirational
  • Humility
  • Sacrificial
  • Motivator

Boss vs Leader

Let’s get this straight. The word “Boss” is just a title for people who have others working under them. While every leader is a boss by default, not every boss is a leader. A leader is chosen most times by the people because he serves the people, inspires the people to be creative, and strives to help them achieve their goals. Every team has a boss but when the boss has great leadership qualities, it’s always a win for everyone.

Does LEADER mean MASTER? Short answer, No. Never has, never will. Your team are not your slaves just because they work for you. In fact, a good leader is an excellent servant.

The kind of boss you are can have a huge impact on your team in different aspects like their work ethics and mental health. Your team can either grow and be happy at work or be a nightmare, and you mostly define that.  

Yes, that’s right. A team reflects their leader. So, if you claim to have an unproductive workforce, here’s your sign to take a step back and re-evaluate your own work.

There’s this stereotype about the workspace. It’s the idea that working has to be intense and uptight, but what if it wasn’t? What if it was the other way around? Imagine working your dream job – does any part of that mental picture ‘feel’ like stress? If it’s something you love doing, it should feel just like that.

Imagine collaborating with a boss who’s like a real time pal who knows how to chill and live. Imagine having that boss who doesn’t ‘stress’ you. I call them the “Gen Z bosses”.

Don’t worry well have that convo on another time lol

Here are few tips on how you can be a dream boss to your team

  • Listen: listening is a very necessary skill to have as a leader because often times you’ll need to hear and get the opinions of your team and listening to them express their thoughts freely. And this feeling right here is what a lot of people dream of
  • Have Fun: Be someone who’s fun and knows how to balance work and leisure. Find time to chill with your team outside work. Go out have fun, do things that you and your team don’t get to do every day…go clubbing on weekends! Don’t just pretend, loosen up together.
  • Mentor: We learn every day and for that we need patience to learn and so as a boss you’ll have to be patient with your team, and be kind, so that your team can always feel free to come to you to learn when they need your assistance on a task.
  • Be Patient: To work with humans, you’ll need lots of patience. It’s drainingggggg! Let’s face it, working with different people at the same time can be draining, so for your team to work well and to be a better boss, you’ll need to have a heart to accommodate flaws and stay patient even when things don’t seem to work as well as we expect.
  • Serve: You should know as a leader your duty is not just to rule and decide all by yourself. A leader serves. One way is – as we already mentioned – by listening to your team.
  • Be Accessible: Having a free spirit with everyone is one important thing because you’ll need to be that person that anyone can come to and tell anything, yeah it’s cool once in a while to to go all bad guy mood, you’ll need to know how to balance the whole work thing so your team will know that when it’s time to be serious it’s time to be serious.