Often, you hear people say that for you to grow your socials you need to be consistent. And that’s because it’s the vital key you need to grow your business online. Think about it, we live in a digital age, a world of AI where everything happens online and if you’re not online you know you’re missing out. 

What is consistency?

This is when you show up on your content back-to-back; either daily, weekly or monthly but on this case, daily because that is more consistent. 

Posting consistently will establish your credibility, strengthen your reputation and help you build trust from your audience because they know you will always show up to give them the content they need. When you’re consistent, you build a movement and a name for yourself that makes you relevant wherever you’re mentioned. Being consistent allows you to create an identity which gives a lasting impression on your audience which will in turn give you loyal and devoted clients who’ll always come back and refer you. 

For social media, it is important to be consistent in all your platforms, posting the same content across all platforms.  

So, without wasting your time Here are four reasons you need to start being consist with your content and post.

  • More engagement and reach: When you post consistently on a daily basis, you get to reach more audience because, the algorithm sees you put in the work, and all you contents are out there back to back. Look at it like the internet is an open sea, where there are different fishing nets of different people that fish for content everyday. And because you have so many content out there, any of your content will definitely attract and catch your target audience.

  • More sales for your business: when you show up consistently your audience develops trust and credibility to patronize you and always come back and even refer you to others and this gives you more sales.

  • Business growth: A lot of social media and content creator have used consistency to grow their platform rapidly from 0 to millions that because they showed up every day for their audience; and their platform always has something new. 

  • Reach your target audience: Being consistent with your content will help you reach your target audience for your business: that is when you have a product you want to sell online, try posting daily, something captivating to keep people hooked on what you offer which will in turn lead to consistent patronage. Inconsistency can make you lose your potential clients/customers.