Valentines is coming and you never get boo… 

So It’s that time of the year again where everyone is getting booed up and you’re still single for another year. Sweetheart do not stress out because you’re not alone it’s just another normal day, which will come and go. I want you to know that it’s okay not to be booed up, it’s okay not to have a partner, it’s okay it be single on another Valentine’s Day.  yeah I know it’s easier said than done, and it’s not going to be easy ignoring the pressure that the ‘V’ day brings. especially when it’s thrown at your face, in every conversation, see it in every social media post, its all too much and unbearable. I get the feeling of wanting to be booed up so bad, so you can as well show off your boo too lol.  

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They say valentine’s day is a day of love but you don’t feel that because you feel alone and sad But you don’t have to be dear, you alone determine your own happiness. Like I said valentine’s day is just another day that will come and go.  

I know it gets really sad and depressing  when you’ve just gone through a recent breakup before valentine and you’ve been trying to move on and now the love season is here and all the memories you tried to forget and move on from are all coming back and it’s a tough one on you mentally.  

Think of it for a second though I really don’t get the fuss about valentines though I mean think about it. it’s someone’s name the last time I checked ‘saint valentines’                                                             yeah and who’s this dude causing a fuss and bringing all the pressure?  

Well, he’s some accidental history guy who was a roman priest who secretly wedded soldiers to their lovers and because of that he was martyred to death.  

So where does the whole theme of roses, hearts and chocolate come from if this was a story about someone who was murdered? Exactly. I’ll say the pressure that comes with that day is just overrated. Especially when society and social media has created an ideology of ‘February 14’ that is just for romance and couples.   

So, dearie don’t stress out because you blink your eyes and its over okay.  

                  How to get through valentine’s day without feeling depressed 

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  • Be your own valentine: social media has created this idea about valentine that you being alone is a sign of failure. No dear it’s not don’t ever think that because you’re single then you’ve failed. You ever seen quotes or motivational speakers that say be your own happiness? Yeah you don’t need someone else to make you happy, you don’t need someone else to take you out on a date or buy you some flowers. You can do that for yourself. So, get up fix yourself go out on a fancy date by yourself, buy yourself presents, treat yourself good cause you deserve it don’t say oh no why me? Because trust me you are not the only one who’s alone. Most times you need some alone time with yourself too! 
  • Give love: Rather than sitting there thinking about your life and why you’re single, go out and share some love with others. Valentine’s day is not  tied to just couples. you can go out visit shelters, orphanages to share love, texting and calling family and friends shows that you’re thinking of them. Because there are a lot of folks out there that need love so give out love because when you do you get it back and feel it in your heart. 
  • Don’t be hard on yourself: so you told yourself that by this time of your life you would be happily in a relationship but now it turned out not to be what you expected so what? go grab a snack and watch some funny videos  
  • Monitor your emotions: I want you to accept the fact that no matter the pressure of what valentines day will bring its okay to feel bad but don’t feel bad for too long get up and go on with your day having a positive day. 
  • Avoid any company that will trigger emotional breakdown; like social media. It’s best you stay offline on that day. Social media can be quite addictive, yeah! But try to avoid it to stay off the pressure it brings. 

Remember to always choose peace and take care of your mental health. Don’t go getting depressed over not having a date on valentines day, grab something to eat. Like they say ‘ it’s okay to eat your feelings’ and put on some big comfy T-shirt and watch some Kevin Hart comedy “you can thank me later xoxo!”