Let me paint you a quick picture.

It’s like one of those motivational clip-arts you see on the internet, where there are these two guys, with one of them at the top of the ladder, lending a hand to the other guy – trying to help him up. You get it? If you don’t get it, forget about it. 🫠

You know I ask myself sometimes, “Why is it that you only get to know the real people who got your back when you’re in a bad spot, like a really difficult situation?” I know I’m not the only one.

You’ve been there too, yeah? One starts to wonder “Where are all the people who said they were ride-or-dies?”

Oh, wait. They’re gone now. They claim they can’t handle your drama.

And guess what? These same people will be the ones to put you down and ruin your rep. Sad, innit?

Be One of the Good Ones.

It’s 2023, and honestly, it’s getting harder to find genuine people. One vital trait that I feel every human should have, is a heart for sharing love and helping others. Yeah, we should learn to do that more often.

You don’t put others down so you can feel good, that’s never going to help you. You are also never going to grow that way. You feeling me, Bruh?

Alright, let’s continue.

The truth is we live in a chaotic world and people are going through one thing or the other. And these people need us to cheer and lift them up either from friends or family, and just a phone call or a text will do a lot.

The ability to listen to them and be there for them is always priceless. These little gestures, they go a long way.

When you support and help people, you build a team of loyal supporters who’ll stand by you no matter what, and this right here is why you need to start today!

I know I’m sounding like some motivational speaker right now. lol, you know I am right. (wink)

Good people don’t put others down to lift themselves, nope they don’t. don’t be one of those people that try to create happiness from other people’s bad moments because trust me that never ends well.

You also shouldn’t go about judging people, yeah… because that is hurtful.

When I see people judge other people’s actions, I tell them “You’ll never know how it feels, until your twelve-inch feet are sitting pretty in their six-inch shoes.”

Who doesn’t like a good photo of friends being successful together? The backstory is that, at one point in time, they chose to carry each other along through hard times, making sure to leave no one behind.

There are people who think that you MUST step down on other people to get to the top. But then…do you really have to? If you ever want to make it to the top and be surrounded by a successful team, you need to start building one now…by LIFTING OTHERS.

Here is a list of tips on how you can help others

· Check-up on people: This seems easy, but it takes a lot of effort. The world is busy; you wake up in the morning and rush to beat traffic, you manage to get to the office on time and there is a load of tasks waiting, and because they’re so many things to do, you leave late and even must go home with more work. But then there’s family. It’s a whole circus sometimes. And just as you’d appreciate someone calling you just to see how you are, you can bet others will too.

· Share encouraging affirmations: You see words like ‘You got this,’ ‘You’ll be fine,’ and ‘I love you.’ As simple as these words, they have huge impacts on our emotions. Imagine having a tough day and then you receive a short text that says, ‘Hey, you got this.’ Now, how does the mere thought of that make you feel?

· Share love: Give hugs, show support. Like we already mentioned, a lot of people are going through a lot of stuff. There’s family, relationship, work, career. In this generation where everything seems to speed by, catch someone off guard with a long hug. Send a smile to a random stranger. You’re changing the world in very little ways. You might in fact be helping someone handle depression.

· Giving: “Givers never lack,” they say. When you give it always finds its way back. The law of giving is one of my favourites because it’s something I practice, daily. Adds more purpose to my day. Give money, support, time, or love. Keep in mind that they might not come back how you gave them but be sure they come back better.