So, it’s that time of the month. It’s the last week. We all know what it means for salary earners. The Calvary!

Who does not love the steady sound of money entering their bank accounts at the end of the month? I mean I do. Some people say, money can’t buy happiness, but I don’t agree. Maybe not JOY, but happiness? Easy
Trust me, in these times, we all need money to live comfortably. Just imagine looking at the calendar because it’s the end of the month, and nothing has been said about salary yet. You’re looking at your boss and he’s looking at you like nothing is wrong. In your mind you’ll be like ‘shey you day whine me ni?’

We all know how annoying and frustrating it gets when the bills start to pile up and groceries start piling down, and heck! How do I have 6,500 left in my account? It’s even worse when you’re owing a few people and you’ve promised everyone to wait till the 31st. And it’s the 28th! The pressure does get wersser.
Let’s not even talk about all that happening in a month like January. Ugh. Detty December will stain your white.

Then we have our faithful brethren who work in organizations that never pay early. Omoo! It’s always really quiet in the office as the new month approaches. It’s like nobody wants to talk about it and some organisations can postpone pay day for more than a month and act like it’s as normal as a Tuesday morning. You can already tell that productivity levels in a workplace like that would be pathetic. Pro tip: when employees don’t get paid on time they loose motivation and the whole vibe of working.

So, what do you do when the alert hasn’t dropped even after payday?

  1. Find out what the issue is: The is a pretty informal move. Very harmless if done right. All you have to do is ask if it is a general issue or it’s just you. Either ways, it’s best you do that before going to the management.
  2. Politely ask the management: Like I said previously try to find out what the issue is by reaching out to your management, (HR to be precise.) The keyword is polite. Everything doesn’t have to be violent. Ask your HR or Line Manager. And when you have found out what the issue is, you can make an educated decision.
  3. Don’t pressure yourself: Sounds super easy, right? It’s not. As a young or old adult trying to make it through life we can all agree it’s never easy. It gets depressing when you see someone else having it easier than you do, living your ‘dream life’ and then you start feeling like an underachiever. How about you take a step back, ignore the world for a minute, and breathe. You got this.
  4. Stop borrowing! : Who else is familiar with borrowing from so many people, promising and hoping to pay back from your wages? If you’ve ever been that person, you’d know that it never is enough. You never pay everyone off, and you never have enough for yourself. It’s all an elaborate ploy financed by the bad habit that is Borrowing. Now, I’ve been a victim a couple of times, so I know how insane it feels. Stop borrowing money! If you have to owe, owe yourself. Then you only have one person to pay back, yourself. I have told you my own oh.
  5. Ask for help: This one here is a life hack. Instead of borrow, try asking for help instead. Nigerians say stuff like ‘ a closed mouth is a closed destiny’. I don’t know about destinies, lol. I do know, though, that no one will ever know what you’re going through unless you speak out and ask for help.