We asked fellow applicants like you to send in all the questions they expect you to have. Here’s what we came up with.


Do Students need to write English test exam?
No, because students from certain countries are exempt 
Can a student defer an admission to another session?
Yes, a student can defer an admission
What other means of identification can be used as proof of citizenship if passport is not readily available as at the time of application?
If it is not available at the time of the application, that is okay. We will just need it when creating the I20
For both Undergraduate and Post Graduate, can testimonials be used in place of transcripts pending when the student is able to secure transcript?

No, we will need the transcript

After graduation, is a student granted a work permit by default?
The student needs to apply for OPT. For non-STEM majors, they can apply for up to one year. If they gradaute with a STEM degree, they can apply for 3 years.
During the duration of studies, does the school provide part time jobs or the students have to secure the jobs by themselves?
The student visa allows students to work on campus. Most students work in our cafeteria. They can also find jobs helping out in certain office, housekeeping and maintenance
What is the general cost of living in the cities housing these campuses?
Most apartments in the area cost between $500-$700 per month in rent.
Are there courses offered in the school that are not on the Trine University website?
No, everything is on the website
How many hours are students allowed to work per day?
Most students work between 2 – 8 per day, but not necessarily everyday
How can an undergraduate apply for scholarship?
The student is automatically awarded $19,000 if they meet the academic requirements
Is there an age limit for both Undergraduate and Graduate?
No, there is no age limit
Is TrineOnline accredited?
Yes, it is accredited. All Trine University programs uphold the same quality regardless of delivevery method. Your Diploma and transcript will read Trine University. TU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commision
Can I go to school part time?
Yes. You set your paceduring the semester cycles. If your schedule allows for you to take two classes simultaneously(full time), go for it!. If your time is more restricted, there is nothing wrong with completing your degree one class at a time
What is considered a full-time student?
You are a full-time student if you take six credits(two courses) per eight-week term
What is considered a part time student?
You are a part-time student if you take three credits(one course) per eight-week term
Will I need to come to campus if I take on-line classes?
Students who only take online classes cannot be in the US on a student visa. They have to be outside of the US if they want to do a completely online program
Does Trine offer full scholarships? If so, what are the criterias
What are the scholarship offers for students who are athletes?
Since Trine is an NCAA Division III school, we cannot offer athletic scholarships. They will get the $19,000 like everyone else
How long does it take to get the offer letters?
2-3 weeks

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