“I needed a change in career as I was fed up. Simpletin Consulting helped me see the opportunity in the market for my skills. The training and coaching was very rigorous but it was worth it becasue it changed my life. With Simpletin Consulting you get the best strategy”


“Simpletin Consulting gave me clarity and confidence I needed to get into the job market. The strategy helped me design a roadmap for my career. One thing I learnt was to always have a written strategy because this will guide you through achieving your goal(s)”


“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing ! that’s all I can say because I had zero confidence in what I wanted to do for a career after graduating from University. Every little detail of information given to me has now propelled my career to becoming a CRM Functional Consultant”


“Most times coaching feels boring but the consultants get to know you personally and help you through the mental blocks of trying to think.

Just being able to believe that I can do it, was all I wanted and I got more than expected”